Learning is the eye of the mind. Thus, it is a continuous learning process. The health crisis is not a hindrance to teaching and learning amid a pandemic.

The most anticipated highlights of the 2022 Annual Conference, with over 50 sessions across 14 tracks organized by the Colorado League of Charter Schools, will be held at the Westminster on March 1-2, 2022.

One of the highlights of the event will be the discussion with Ms. Shineth Cunanan-Gonzales.

The founder and CEO of Colorado Global Schools, an educator and international speaker, will be discussing her topic, “Increasing Equity with Culturally Responsive Teaching.”

The discussion will be focusing on the diverse students’ behaviors, the learning environment, and teaching methods.

Furthermore, her advocacy and love of teaching propelled her to the top of the educational field.

She is an enthusiast and passionate pedagogue.

Ms. Gonzales also holds a position as Cultural Advisor to the United States Department of Defense, ESEA Director and District Accountability Committee of Colorado Department of Education.


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