Hits & Misses: An innovative approach to learning English

Not everyone learns new skills in the same ways. And when it comes to learning a new language, that may be even more true.

We’re impressed with the goals of the Colorado Language Program, a new school for learning the English language that opens this week. Shineth Cunanan-Gonzales, founder of the CLP, saw a need to tailor English lessons to the needs of individual students. She decided the best way to do that would be opening her own school.

Cunanan-Gonzales and her staff made sure to consider challenges their students may have, plus childcare needs and small class sizes when working on the logistics of their new program. With instructors from a variety of different backgrounds, they’re able to serve our area’s increasingly more diverse population with the English instruction they want and need.

We’re sure their dedication will pay off for their students and for our community.

By  | citydesk@greeleytribune.com | Greeley Tribune

Original Source: GREELEY TRIBUNE

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