Online teaching is a great challenge


Reina Fornilda – Online ESL Teacher

The Colorado Global School Incorporated (CGSI) wishes Teacher Reina Fornilda a happy birthday! With her truly radiant smile and warm presence, our beloved ESL teacher celebrates her 48th birthday today, June 22.

Teacher Reina joined the Colorado Language Program (CLP) in January 2021. As a friend of CGSI President Ms. Shineth Cunanan-Gonzales for over 20 years, the Filipina teacher took the opportunity to share her teaching expertise with the students of CLP, which she luckily got.

“I am grateful for being a part of CLP and I will do my very best to be an effective and efficient staff for the school. Online teaching isn’t an easy task compared to a normal face-to-face or in-person teaching. It takes more effort to deliver the lesson so that you can teach the lesson effectively. Teaching CLP students is a great challenge and worth to treasure as you continue your journey as a teacher,” she shared in an interview.

In the past year, despite the numerous challenges, Teacher Reina is still thankful for many things in her life. “I have a wonderful journey for being guided in the right path by our Creator, for being so blessed of the many answered prayers; tangible and intangible things. Blessed to be surrounded by amazing, loving, caring, and passionate people who touched my life and helped me to be a better person and helped me grow maturely and learn to be stronger as I could be,” the birthday girl emphasized.

Beyond the classroom, Teacher Reina, or Queenly as her friends call her, is a single mother to her 10-year-old son, Dave. In the coming year, she shared that she is looking forward to “more happiness, good health, and a stable future for my son, Dave.”

Again, happy birthday, Teacher Reina, from all of us at CGSI!

Article by: Dayanara Cudal

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