Former CLP teacher graduates from Dental Medicine

Crispin III P. Ramos – Doctor of Dental Medicine

The Colorado Global School Incorporated (CGSI) wishes former GED Teacher Crispin Ramos congratulations on his pending graduation in Dental Medicine!

Teacher Crispin shared his time and expertise with the Colorado Language Program (CLP), which is under CGSI, from September 2020 until March 2021 as a Math teacher.

In an exclusive interview, he mentioned that CLP has a diverse studentry, which is one of the cornerstones CLP aims to be—culturally diverse.

“Diversity is the biggest asset that CLP (Colorado Language Program) has. It caters to a lot of students with different backgrounds and races. Teaching in CLP makes you feel one with the world because you feel connected with persons/students that you thought
you won’t have the chance to interact with.”

He also emphasized how working in CLP, “Helped me a lot, especially in my interaction skills and as well as how to adapt to certain situations where language is a barrier. It also enhanced my skill on the subject I taught and my verbal skills as well.”

Teacher Crispin is set to graduate from the University of Baguio, Philippines on June 26, 2021. Congratulations again, Teacher Crispin! Your CGSI family is proud of you!

Article by: Dayanara Cudal
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