CLP's flexible teaching style helps student secure GED diploma

Shineth Cunanan- Gonzales (President|CEO|School Principal of CGSI) with Anali Martin.

The Colorado Global School Incorporated (CGSI) congratulates one of its students, Anali Martin, for getting her GED diploma!
Within just a month of Anali being a student under Colorado Language Program’s (CLP) GED Test preparation class from May to June 2021, she was able to secure her diploma, with the help of CLP’s accommodating teachers.
In an exclusive interview, she shared how, “the flexibility of the teacher’s schedule for class is CLP’s greatest asset. I would have class at 6 p.m. and be done at 7 p.m. then that was the end of my day. For my teachers, their day was just beginning. They still have a whole new day to experience.”
“The thing that would set CLP apart from any others is that you get a full hour of one-on-one with the teachers. There are no interruptions from other students or other teachers. It’s just you and your teacher for the entire hour,” Anali shared.
As a GED student, Anali explained how her CLP educators helped her understand challenging lessons, as well as making sure that all her questions and concerns are properly addressed.
“It was a judgment-free zone. When I took a while to answer a question during class, the teachers would be so sweet when explaining the question. I started feeling okay about taking my time answering a question and asking any clarifying questions on the reviews… CLP helped me by giving me an opportunity to improve on my math skills. My teachers showed me new and easier ways to solve complicated questions that I had never been taught when I was attending a
normal public school,” she said.
Anali also emphasized that, through CLP and their help, she can, “continue to fight for her dream and goal of helping others in the healthcare field…I finally have my goals back in order and I see myself being a nurse for the first time in a long while.” In the end, Anali shared that her experience in CLP, “has been the best decision in my life.”
Congratulations again, Anali! CGSI looks forward to seeing you reach greater heights!

Article by: Dayanara Cudal

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